Here’s how Ayurveda can provide you with NCD prevention and management techniques

We are at a crossroads to fight against NCDs as one of the major health issues we face currently is NCDs forcing us to make crucial choices but the question is, move forward on the path to a healthy future while protecting people from cigarettes and other dangerous products, by detecting early diagnosis and screening for diseases such as cancer, heart disease and other health problems? Ayurvedic experts say that Ayurveda is essential to avoid non-communicable diseases in people and provide them with long-term solutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anjenay Agarwal, Ayurveda expert and director of Royal Bee Natural Products, shared, “We are at a pivotal time in our battle against non-communicable diseases (NCDs), grappling with the urgent need to make vital choices NCDs represent one of the most significant health challenges of our time.In this endeavor, the role of Ayurveda becomes indispensable, offering critical solutions to prevent NCDs and cultivate lasting habits for a healthy lifestyle Unlike communicable diseases, NCDs are chronic and long-lasting, causing a complex web of genetic, physiological, lifestyle, and environmental factors as causes.

She gushed, Ayurveda, rooted in a holistic approach, aims to identify and eliminate the underlying causes of diseases rather than just controlling the symptoms. It is not just a medical discipline, but a complete lifestyle that improves overall well-being, balances the mind and body, and guides humanity towards a healthier future. By embracing Ayurvedic principles, individuals can understand their unique constitutions, known as doshas, ​​and tailor their diets, daily routines, and habits accordingly.

Rajinder Dhamija, Ayurveda expert and founder of Dharishah Ayurveda, pointed out that Ayurveda is known as the leading science of life, with several recommendations to reduce NCD risk factors. It also helps in the prevention of NCDs by addressing lifestyle issues with good nutritional management, daily and seasonal dietary recommendations, biopurification treatments, detoxification, medications, and rejuvenation therapies. As we all know, NCDs usually cannot be transmitted from person to person, but they cause maximum harm to the human body. These diseases, unlike communicable diseases, are chronic, meaning they last a long time and kill an estimated 41 million people every year, which equates to 74% of all deaths globally.

He concluded: When it comes to the causes of NCDs, it is a combination of genetic, physiological, lifestyle, and environmental variables, among others. We, who follow Ayurveda, believe in finding the cause of the disease and eliminating it at the root rather than relying only on medications to control the symptoms. Ayurveda is more than just a medical discipline; it is a global approach. It is more like a lifestyle that improves overall well-being, balances the mind and body, and guides humanity towards a healthier future. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of understanding our individual constitution or dosha and adapting our diet, daily routine and habits accordingly. By eating a nutritious and balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, managing stress effectively, and practicing mindfulness, we can build a foundation of well-being that helps prevent NCDs. By integrating Ayurvedic principles into our lives, we embark on a journey of self-care, where we prioritize prevention and overall well-being. Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with nature, to listen to our bodies and to make conscious choices that promote health and vitality.

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